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Some things that I've been enjoying

Here are some things I've been enjoying lately. Maybe you'll like them too. :)

* Free Will Astrology
I love Rob Brezsny's weekly horoscopes. I look forward to them every week. He's written a book called "Pronoia" which is just delicious. He describes Pronoia as the opposite of Paranoia and how the universe is trying to shower you with blessings.

* Notes From the Universe
I get these in my inbox every weekday. You enter some information about what you're trying to manifest and they send you short emails from 'The Universe' dealing with intention-manifestation, non duality, and all around goodness.

* Free Rice
I love games and games that help people are the best kind. Basically, it's a vocabulary game. They give you a word and you guess what it means. For every word you get right, they'll donate 10 grains of rice to hungry families, paid for by the ads near the bottom of the screen. It's a fun game and it definitely adds up. You can even see how much rice has been donated by viewing the totals.

* Twitter
This is a little more random, but this has been so good for my creative life. Most people use it from random little updates on what they're doing. I find it's been good for me to get my creativity flowing. I post little snippets from stories I'm working on when the mood strikes me and little thoughts I have through the day. It's quicker than journaling because I'm normally closer to the computer than my paper journal.
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