Something bright traveling fast (thunder_bat) wrote in telepylus,
Something bright traveling fast

i'm going to attempt a discussion post!

hey you guys, i am working on the following about myself:
-not over-apologizing
-not dwelling on things i can't change
-not calling helenix about every little thing that goes wrong in my day

what are you working on?
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I also need to work on not calling helenix about everything that goes wrong in my day.

♥ ~ Remembering that I am always loved unconditionally

♥ ~ The only reason people hurt is because it's been done to them.

♥ ~ I can change the cycle.
- maintaining composure in the face of another person's anger, not losing my words or giving my Truth away, while keeping an open Heart to what they are really saying.

- not forcing change, but inviting its growth. plantin seeds and tending the Garden.

- meeting people where they are instead of expecting them to be where I am (or where I think they should be), without sinking to their level if they are in a damag(ed)ing place, and without forcing myself to rise to their level if they are farther along in their Evolution.

- holding a space of Compassion and Love at all times, for my Self and for others.

- honouring the necessity of certain lessons being learned alone, and not allowing my intentions to help interfere with another's learning.

- being alone.

- being silent.

thankyou, Emese, for this brilliant idea. you are pretty much the King of Spain.
- i'm also working on giving people what they need, instead of what they want (think they need). which means, i guess, not playing into people's energy-dramas.

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☼ allowing the door in the back of my head to fully open up and let in the light, in abscence of terror or fear
thanks little one.

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