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dooms day online


so we have started our comic! she goes! we just dont have a site up yet, but i am trying to pimp it out and i thought who would be better to read this story then you stars? it is about ragnorok in th 22nd century - two priestesses with the power of the primordial gods destined to defeat the Grandmother Demon that devours the world on Dooms Day - and two Gods of the new and brilliant pantheon whose race has brought the curse of the old gods upon the entire world. Together they are joined by ancienct prophecy to follow the steps of Ragnorok, and hopefully save thw world. 

It's a good story. We have been working on it since highschool now and although my artwork isnt great, my partner's computating skills make up for it! So please come see! 

(and to those that might be mad at me for posting this in this community - i would like to point out that this story encompasses many mythological and spiritual lessons and plays with the ideas of 2012. just a disclaimer ^_^)
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