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la revolution

to you stars that sit in dark places, or in the light of sun, talking of changes and a power greater than the hate that is destroying us all - 

stop sitting. start moving.

here in winnipeg i am calling for those of Us to Gather. we cannot sit on our high principals anymore without having done something in our lives to start the Change. we cannot simply wait anymore, for a fire untended often has a way of burning out and blowing away as ashes. i am not a leader, and i cannot pretend to be, so i call to my Clan - let us come together and Start before it ends.

do you want to be 80 years old, living in a world that you could have made better, and had the chance, and sat quietly and did nothing? i cannot. i will not die without knowing that all the things i believe are good and true in the world are protected and made stronger, and those things that do our entire race and world harmed, are made smaller and lessened. come with my Brothers, Sisters. i will hold the lamp, but i cannot find the way without you.
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